The Stayz Sharper Brand of razor blade sharpeners

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I tried a Stayz Sharper


From and early age, I was always interested in how people presented themselves, not only in what clothes they were wearing, but also their haircut and shinned shoes.

This interest led me into the clothing business where I was involved in managing , then overseeing the expansion of college campus stores in the mid West and South. Along the way, I helped students dress for success, and look "sharp".

Later in my clothing carrier, I partnered in a "downtown" clothing store catering to doctors, lawyers and businessmen. Again, we had many sessions with our clientele on the importance of that crucial "first appearance". We advised them not only on the correct clothes to wear, but also on how important a great haircut, perfect shave, an attractive scent, shined shoes and accessories were, to create the whole image.

Over the years , one of the clothing store accessories that caught my interest, was after shave lotions and colognes. I had the opportunity to purchase a manufacturing company in the Caribbean Islands, known worldwide for its Bay Rum scent. The natural next step was to start exploring and focusing on shaving as the final touch to look "sharp"